23ndcentury was jointly founded by a number of well-known consulting experts at home and abroad, and has the earliest professional team engaged in certification consulting services in the world. Since the establishment of 23ndcentury, we have provided rich and leading i-field technical services and certifications for domestic enterprises in various industries based on the principle of “deep cultivation of technology and innovative services”. , science and technology policy consulting and other enterprise management series of one-stop service leading enterprises. In order to improve and optimize the quality of consulting services, 23ndcentury was established by senior industry policy research experts, with a registered capital of _ million yuan, headquartered in Shenzhen, and its business is oriented to the whole country. Our expert team provides technical services, management consulting, and information security for enterprises. Certification and other services have been highly praised in the industry. Especially in terms of government science and technology policy consultation, our company has rich resource advantages. Under the guidance of senior policy research experts, it provides accurate policy interpretation and strong declaration guidance for enterprises to declare IT and scientific research projects to the government. Long service, contributes to the successful declaration of enterprise projects. 23ndcentury’s business scope is the development and sales of computer software, hardware, and information system software; information system design, integration, operation and maintenance; information technology consulting; enterprise management consulting (excluding restricted items); trademark agency; intellectual property agency (excluding patents) agency); domestic trade (excluding franchised, monopolized, and exclusively controlled commodities); import and export of goods and technology.