Rashford scored the winning goal, Manchester United 1-0 Brentford returned to the top four!

The 25th round of the Premier League supplementary match kicked off at Old Trafford, with fifth-ranked Manchester United playing at home against ninth-ranked Brentford. In the first half, Rashford scored a goal. In the second half, De Gea made a one-shot save. Fred wasted the opportunity. In addition, they overtook Tottenham and returned to the top four. It is worth mentioning that Rashford has scored 19 home goals this season, breaking Rooney’s team history record set in the 11/12 season.Manchester United Trøjer 2023

In the first half, New Aid Sabitzer assisted Rashford and Manchester United led 1-0 at halftime. In the end, Manchester United beat Brentford 1-0, led Tottenham by 3 points in one game and returned to the top four, and avenged their 0-4 defeat in the first leg.

In fact, this game between Manchester United and Brentford can be regarded as a battle of revenge, because Manchester United was beaten badly by Brentford before, and at that time Manchester United still had many strong players, and now they have left. Brentford is still full of strength and is considered to be one of the best teams in the five major European leagues. However, this time it gave Manchester United a chance to turn around.billige trøje

And Manchester United’s win in this game may really have something to do with the home halo, which makes Manchester United’s players in a better state, but Brentford’s sense of the ball is also very good, which did not allow Manchester United to continue to expand their advantage, but they have to Said that Manchester United succeeded in revenge in this game, and also won the top four places. If you are also interested in football, welcome to our website to buy the same cheap jersey!

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