Real Madrid 2-0 ten-man Chelsea at home

The quarter-finals of the Champions League continue, with Real Madrid playing Chelsea at home. In the first half, Benzema scored; in the second half, Chilwell was red, and Asensio made a contribution as a substitute. In the end, Real Madrid defeated ten-man Chelsea 2-0 at home and took the lead in the two-round contest.

In the 2nd minute, Chelsea launched a counterattack after stealing the ball, Kanter went straight, Felix broke into the penalty area and pushed, which was saved by Courtois. In the 5th minute, Fofana tripped Vinicius and was warned by a yellow card.Billiga Nike Phantom Hypervenom

In the 8th minute, Chilwell took a free kick near the bottom line on the right, slightly higher than the crossbar.In the 12th minute, Benzema and Vinicius hit the wall and then pushed and was hugged by Kepa.In the 21st minute, Carvajal picked a pass to the front of the small penalty area, Vinicius followed up and pushed and was saved by Kepa, Benzema followed up and scored an empty goal, Real Madrid 1-0 Chelsea! In the 23rd minute, James made a cross, Sterling pushed, and Courtois saved the ball to the bottom line. In the 31st minute, Camavinga picked a pass from the penalty area and was hugged by Capa. In the 33rd minute, Rodrigo volleyed from a small angle on the right side of the penalty area and was saved by Kepa.

In the 36th minute, Vinicius scored the ball and Benzema made a low shot from the top of the penalty area and was hugged by Kepa. In the 39th minute, Modric made a cross, and Alaba headed the ball, which was confiscated by Kepa. In the 43rd minute, Real Madrid launched a counterattack. Valverde shot from outside the penalty area and was confiscated by Kepa.

In the 47th minute after changing sides in the second half, Enzo made a diagonal pass, and Felix made a shot and was firmly hugged by Courtois. In the 48th minute, Courtois made a long pass, and Coulibaly returned to the defense in time to clear the ball before Rodrygo. In the 50th minute, Vinicius knocked back in an inverted triangle, Benzema scored the ball, and Modric shot slightly over the crossbar. In the 51st minute, Camavinga picked a pass from the penalty area, and Thiago Silva made a clearance to Kepa.

In the 58th minute, Valverde sent an overhead pass, Chilwell pulled Rodrigo down from behind, and was sent off by the referee directly with a red card. In the 60th minute, Alaba shot a low free kick from the right side of the penalty area. The ball bypassed the wall and was hugged by Kepa. In the 64th minute, Vinicius scored with his heel, and Camavinga followed up with an angry shot and sent it flying. In the 74th minute, Real Madrid took a left corner kick, Vinicius returned a pass, Asensio shot a cold arrow from outside the penalty area, and the ball went into the lower left corner of the goal, Real Madrid 2-0 Chelsea!

In the 78th minute, Real Madrid’s free kick was ejected, and Asensio’s angry shot from outside the penalty area missed. In the 83rd minute, Militang knocked over Cucurella and was warned by a yellow card. In the 91st minute, Alaba made a cross, Kepa missed the save, and Benzema headed high. At the end of the game, Real Madrid 2-0 Chelsea.

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